MATE MESZAROS / Budapest, Hungary

Mészáros Máté after finishing the Hungarian Dance Academy, he spent a few years at the Szeged Contemporary Balett working with Tamás Juronics.

Leaving the country he later worked with the most reputed choreographers in Europe:
Ohad Naharin, Wim Vandekeybus, Sharon Eyal, Amanda Miller, Roberto Galvan, Myriam Naisy, Robin Orlin.

He has been the member of Ultima Vez for 6 years and assistant of Wim Vandekeybus. In 2010 He started to creat his own works.

Mate has been choreographing for several hungarian companies ( PR-Evolution, Eva Duda dance company,Central Europian Dance Theater) and for Bremen Dance Theater.(Germany).

Currently Máté Mészáros is touring  his works HINOKI 2.0 and NEXTtoME and gives workshops internationally as well as being part of new creations as a performer in several international production.

In 2018 February, Mate was presenting his new work United Space of Ambivalence , in collaboration with Trafo (Budapest) and SIN Arts center.

2016-2018 Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy/
Contemporary Dance Teacher MA
Hungarian Dance Academy
Work Experience:
2015-freelance dancer, choreographer, teacher
2015- 2009Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus, Belgium
2004-2008 Carte Blanche, The Norwegian Company of
Contemporary Dance
2004Lanonima Imperial, Spain
2003-2004 Carte Blanche, The Norwegian Company of
Contemporary Dance
Szeged Contemporary Ballet, Hungary
Repertoire by Choreographers :
Ohad Naharin, Wim Vandekeybus, Juronics Tamás, Sharon
Eyal, Amanda Miller, Roberto Galvan, Alan Lucien Oyen,
Bruno Listopad, Ina Christel Johannessen,
Juan Carlos Garcia, Ingun Bjornsgard and others
2018 United space of Ambivalence /stage performance 120 min/
2016 NextToMe /sage performance 75 min/
2014 Hinoki /stage performance 45 min/
2013 Unknown Kingdom /stage performance 50 min/
2012 4Monologs /stage performance 29 min/
2010 Variable /stage performance 35 min/
2010 One Man Crowd /stage performance 40 min/
2008 Innocent / dance video, 8 min/
2006 Vossa Jazz/VossaJazz festival,50 min/
Teaching experiences:
Since 2004 I have been teaching internationaly in several
festivlas and schools.
Summer Intensive/Portugal
Deltebre Dansa/ Spain
Supercell Dance Festival/Australia
Alias Summer Intensive/Canada
Venice Biennale/Italy
Gdansk International Dance Festival/Poland
Budapest Contemporaty Dance Academy/Hungary
Pécsi Művészeti Iskola/Hungary
1999 The Maria Keresztes Prize, Hungary
2001 Best Male Dancer, 4th National Dance Festival, Hungary
2003 The Zoltan Imre Prize, Hungary


Chloé fell into contemporary dance at the age of seven. In 2011, after studying four years at the CNSMD of Lyon, she began working with different company; Cie Ando/Davy Brun, Artopie/Santucci Saillot, DIEM Dance Image/Yutaka Nakata, Poetic Punkers, Olivier Dubois/Ballet du Nord and Garage29/Sabina Scarlat. In 2013, she has been working with Ultima Vez/Wim Wandekeybus in Brussel, creating and performing in Spiritual Unity, Rage of staging and Speak low if you speak love.
In 2016 she join the Backsteinhaus produktion in Germany with the projects Wolfgang and Superbia. She is actually in creation with them on their last show Nosferatu and with le GDRA Christophe Rulhes & Julien Cassier on the production Selve.
At the same time, she participated in the theater play Screen from Rudy Trouvé et Simon Allemeersch in Antwerpen, she is passing the repertoire of Speak low if you speak love to le Groupe Grenade/Josette Baïz and regularly teaches workshops and classes.'
Choreographic artist and performer
Selves Le GDRA Christophe Rulhes & Julien Cassier (France - 2018/2019)
Nosferatu Compagnie Backsteinhaus Produktion, Nicki Liszta (Allemagne - 2018/2019)
Screen Rudy Trouvé et Simon Allemeersch (Belgium - 2018)
Wolfgang Cie Backsteinhaus Produktion - Nicki Liszta (Allemagne - 2017/2018)
Choreographic artist
Speak low if you speak love Ultima-Vez - Wim Wandekeybus (Belgium - 2015/2017)
Uniforme Sabina Scarlat and Anna Calsina - Garage29 (Brussel, Ostende - 2016/2017)
For Love Groupe Noces (France - 2017)
The rage of staging Ultima-Vez, Wim Wandekeybus (Bruxelle KVS - 06/12/2016)
After party Poetic Punkers - Natalia Valebonna (Italy/France 2014/2016)
An Asri Olivier Dubois - CCN Ballet du Nord (Egypt/France - 2015)
Crazy house Maison folie of Mons, capital of culture (24/01/2015)
Spiritual Unity Ultima-Vez - Wim Wandekeybus (09/2014-12/2013)
Take over’s roles
Superbia Cie Backsteinhaus Produktion - Nicki Liszta (Allemagne - 2017/2018)
Punky Mary, Coco solo pour une femme seule et son prince charmant Groupe Noces (France- 2013/2014/2015)
Diary of a red apple Cie DIEM - Yutaka Nakata (Japan/France - 2013/2014)
Choreographic artist
La Barbe bleue Cie Artopie - Santucci-Saillot (France - 2012/2013)
Concursus Cie Ando - Davy Brun (France/USA - 2011/2012/2013)
Teaching, classes and workops:
2017/2018 :
Repertoire of Speak low if you speak love for the Groupe Grenade (Aix-en-Provence), Centre
Chorégraphique of James Carlès (Toulouse), Summer intensive (Portugal, Dos Cunhados),
IDW Budapest.
From 2013 till 2018:
Studio Harmonic, Centre de Danse du Marais (Paris), Sign six, Ultima Vez, Staircase (Brussel), Krakowski Centrum
Choreograficzne (Poland).
Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse de Lyon (2008/2012)
Repertoire: Puzzle, Babel Eastman-Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Five part of weather reinvention, Planes Trisha Brown, Y del resto no sé nada
Ultima Vez, Sacre du printemps Pina Bausch, Folie Claude Brumachon.
Conservatoire de Lille in ballet and contemporary dance (2001/2003)
Niveau d’etude
U.V in dance history, anatomy, music and A.F.C.M.D (2009).
BACCALAUREAT littéraire Lycée St Charles Marseille (Juin 2007).
Languages: French, english.

KEREN LEVI / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Keren Levi (Israel/1972) works from dance and choreography in a hybrid field in which dance, theory, performance, image, video, light, sound and music have a shared role.

Her approach is both analytical, playful and intuitive, where she is attracted to the adventure, the untrodden path.

She seeks interdisciplinary cooperation to be challenged by artistic friction to transcend her own thinking and conventions.

The exchange creates a dilatation of the creative process, makes it complex and challenging, and promotes the emergence of unexpected connections, new routes of imagination and meaning.

Levi is teaching dance technique, bodywork and composition in the school of new dance development (SNDO) at the Academy for Performing Arts Amsterdam (AHK) .

Keren Levi (Israel/1972) is choreographer who lives in Amsterdam. Her foundation, NeverLike, receives structural grant for the first time for the period 2017-20. With elements such as dance, (live) music and video, her work is best described as interdisciplinary, core based on choreographic principles. Each work gets a unique, specific form that almost never resembles the other works; Never-like. Levi has built an versatile profile as a choreographer with a body of work including, among others,  “Territory” (2004 NL, BNG award winner),  “Couple-Like” (2006 NL/ BE, in collaboration with Ugo Dehaes),  “Big Mouth” (2009/ IL, made and performed together with Oren Laor and Niv Sheinfeld) and “Couple-Like # 2” (also in collaboration with Dehaes - a new version for youngsters and a winner of a Silver Cricket award for 2011). 

In 2012 Levi premiered the video-dance performance "The Dry Piece" (winner of the Dioraphte Award from De Nederlandse Dansdagen 2013) at the opening program of Festival a/d Werf, Utrecht. That year she also created "To Band", a music-dance concert with and for youngsters, in collaboration with composer Tom Parkinson, which premiered in Breakin'walls Festival, Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam. Between 2012-2014 Levi participated in the MA program in Amsterdam Master of Choreography (AMCh) in AHK and graduate with "Footnoting", a practice and a score, performed by Mari Matre Larsen, Eva Susova and Norberto lopes Segarra.   “Clubbing”, a music-dance performance which continued her long term exchange with Parkinson, premiered in March 2015. That project received support from the dutch Co-Producers network.  In 2016 Levi premiered two pieces: “Up Side Down” and “The Dry Piece | XL Edition”. A video-dance performance for children age 4+ and a collaboration with Stockholm based choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander, “Up Side Down”  is an International coproduction with partners from Poland, Serbia, Sweden and The Netherlands, which utilized the video installation Levi developed for her Dry Piece.  “The Dry Piece | XL Edition”, a new version for 8 dancers and more, premiered in Julidans Festival 2016 and is on tour since then. Since receiving structural funding for her company NeverLike, Levi created two works: “Footnotes (for Crippled Symmetry)” (in short FCS) and To Voice.  Yet another collaboration with Parkinson, who created a sound score after Morton Feldman’s music, FCS is a performance-essay and an exchange with artist Krijn de Koning, who made a sculpture especially for this performance. To Voice, a dance-theatre performance on location with amateur performers, is Levi’s first outdoor performance and a collaboration with theatre makers Elike Roover & Rutger Esaias, in co-production with De Gasten and Bos Theatre. In 2018 Levi also completed “Otherland”, a 13 min. dance film in collaboration with director Jan Pieter Tuinstra, which premiered in Cinedans and is shown on festivals around the world. Levi teaches dance technique, body-work and choreography in the School for New Dance Development (SNDO), as well as in festivals, training programs and companies across Europe. 



KRIŠJĀNIS SANTS is a performer, dance maker and set designer who works with movement, site specific spaces and non-verbal communication. Since the graduation of the Latvian Academy of Culture (2011) and P.A.R.T.S. (2014) Krišjānis collaborats and works for several acknowledged artists like Daniel Linehan, Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki, Krista Burāne & Andy Field, Erik Eriksson, Ieva Gaurilčikaitė.
In 2016 his collaboration with Erik Eriksson Whirl // Verpete received Spelmanu Nakts Latvian theatre award.
This year Krisjanis graduated from Latvian Academy of Art receiving MA degree in Scenography.



2018 Performer for Noctirne in Homo Novus festival of Riga by Krista Burāne and Andy Field;

2018 Performer for Box With Holes by Heine Avdal;

2018 Co-author of workshop like performance event creating temporary community GOTCA;

2018 Co-author in performative installation Uzdzist;

2018 Performer for Borrowed Landscapes by Heine Avdal and Tukiko Shinozaki;

2017 Co-author in contemporary dance performance Rise Up, Come With Me;

2017-2018 Performer for Unnanounced by Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki;

2016-2018 Latvian Art Academy, MA, Scenography studies;

2016 Performer for The Otheroom by Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki;

2016 Performer for Carry On by Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki;

2016 Lecturer in RISEBA Audiovisual performance MA course, teaching contemporary dance, composition and dramaturgy;

2016 Choreographer for a theatre piece Spēlēju Dancoju by Rainis, director Martiņš Eihe. Choregraphy of Spēlēju Dancoju was rooted in authors extensive research on folk dance in Latvia;

2016 co-creator of performance What is art? in collaboration with psychotherapist Andis Geste;

2015 Co-creator and performer in a dance for 2 Vērpete which received a Latvian Theatre Award Spēlmaņu Nakts prize for the best contemporary dance work of season 2015-16;

2015 Participating artist in Bazaar - the end festival for Identity.Move!

2015 Researcher for Daniel Linehan’s dbddbb;

2015-17 Panorama artist for EU network Departures and Arrivals;

2015-2017 Performer for Daniel Linehan's Un Sacre Du Printemps;

2014-2015 Supported artist for research platform in contemporary dance Identity.Move! organised by Goethe Institute;

2014 PARTS graduation Tour in Europe;

2014 Choreographer and dancer in a performance Cilvēks.Pūlis, by Laima Jansone for a string orchestra Sinfonietta Riga;

2013 Choreographer and dancer in a dance for seven Across;

2013-2017 Co-director of Contemporary Dance Choreographers Association in Latvia;

2013 Choreographer in a dance for twenty Ornaments. Cross crosses;

2013 Choreographer in a Circular duet, Dakar;

2013 Intercontinental African and European dance project P.A.R.T.S. Across. Continent, in collaboration with Ecole de Sable, Toubab Diallow,

2012 Solo Ornament v1.0;

2012 Solo Ornament;

2012 Performer in Birdwatching 4x4 by Benjamin Wandewalle;

2012-2014 PARTS Research Cycle, generation 10, Brussels;

2011 Graduation work in Latvian Academy of Culture, dance and video installation Networking, including series of 8 videos, Riga;

2011-2014 Rosas repertory study The Song, Zaitung, Vortex Temporum, Fase, Achterland, Drumming;

2010-2012 PARTS Training Cycle, generation 10, Brussels;

2007-2011 Latvian Academy of Culture, department of contemporary dance, prof. Olga Zitluhina, Academic BA degree in arts, Riga;


IEVA GAURILČIKAITE is independent Lithuanian artist presently living and working in Latvia. After graduation of Scottish School of Contemporary Dance she continued her studies in Israel in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Journey. Ieva took a part of EU project Theatre Expanded organised by Latvian New Theatre Institute concentrating on artistic intervention into social organisation. In the summer 2017 Ieva have worked with Krišjānis Sants (LV) and Erik Eriksson (SE) on a new creation Rise up, come with me. As always on going direction Ieva is fascinated in creating an individual experience for a singular audience member. Since 2016 Ieva have had created and performed 4 different volumes of her One-on-One. In the beginning of 2018 Ieva in collaboration with TAAT created and opened HALL06 a performative architectural installation for Zurich’s Art Festival. Recently, Ieva have graduated from her MA studies in scenography and together with her colleague Krišjānis Sants premiered their newest work a performative installation Infade.



2016-2018 MA in Scenography, Latvian Art Academy

2015-2016 Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s Dance Journey, Israel

2011-2015 Performer in Noctirne by Krista Burane & Andy Field in HOMO NOVUS festival, Latvia

2018 Participating artist in Are You Kid-ing festival: GOTCA and Ornaments, Sweden

2018 Performer in THE OTHEROOM by Yukiko Shinozaki & Heine Avdal in Time of Music Festival, Finland

2018 Co-creator and performer of performative installation Uzdzist, Latvia

2018 Performer in Carry On by Yukiko Shinozaki & Heine Avdal in Norway

2018 Collaborator in HALL06 by TAAT in Gessnerallee (Nordflügel) Theatre, Switzerland

2017 Co-creator and performer in dance for 3 Rise up Come with me, Latvia

2017 Participating artist in Are You Kid-ing festival: One on One Vol.4 and pre-premier of Rise up Come with me, Sweden

2017 Participating artist in DDT 10. Dodoties pēc nākotnes: One on One Vol.3, Latvia

2017 Participating artist in festival Lampa: workshop within a performance Vargar, Latvia

2017 Participating artist in Rough Sketches project One on One Vol.2 a performance for/with singular audience member London,UK

2017 Theatre Expanded II an Art Intervention in Recourse Centre for Women MARTA, Latvia

2016 Performer and rehearsal director for Spēlēju Dancoju with Valmieras Theatre, Latvia

2016 Co-creator of Girls who spit with Daniella Eriksson, Latvia

2016 Performer in The paradox of love and hate by Ben Bach, Israel

2015 Choreographer of a solo Red Mushroom, Israel

2015 UK tour of BA Graduates performances, Scotland

2015 Choreographer in a dance for 6 Stalemate, BA graduation work of Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Scotland

2015 Performer in Fresh North East festival Millie Daniel-Dempsey Arcane, UK

2014 Performer in Commonwealth Games by Mathew Robinson,Scotland

2013 Performer in site specific work Other by National Theatre of Scotland, Scotland

2012 Performer and workshop leader in NHS social programme, Scotland