About us
Riga / ON - annual contemporary dance intensive in Riga (Latvia), which includes dance technicians classes, laboratories in composition and theoretical lectures from existing European teachers from leading dance companies and dance educational centers.

The educational program formed by the organizers for professionals and amateurs, together with the conditions of accommodation, food and leisure, is aimed at the comfort of the participants, creating the conditions for complete immersion in creativity, without being distracted by fuss.

Project organizers dance studio Ritms (Latvia), BuchokArtFamily (Ukraine) and DK-culture! (Russia) create an independent meeting place and useful space for the exchange of dance experience in the Baltic region, for Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and European countries.
Our success
We are making great strides and are always developing!
Here are some facts about how we work:
2 years
We started in 2018 and are developing all the time.
163 participants
Visited our project from 2018 to 2019
14 educators
Share their experiences with project participants
3 programs
Master classes for the three groups KIDS, OPEN and PRO
Our team
All team members work together on a project. We have assembled a friendly team of professionals
Dmitrijs Gaitjukeviсs
Riga, Latvia
Elina Gaitjukevica
Riga, Latvia
Alexander Lyubashin
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Alina Buchok
Kiev, Ukraine
Viacheslav Buchok
Kiev, Ukraine
Dance company RITMS was established in 2002 by artistic director, choreographer Elina Gaitjukevica. RITMS is based in Riga, capital of Latvia. It offers dance education for children and young dancers ages 3-18.

The main goal is to create a supportive environment where dancers are inspired and motivated to reach their highest potential.

RITMS is also providing open training classes and workshops for professional dancers and choreographers.
DK-more culture! - an international organizing team taking the initiative to create, promote and develop educational and performative programs in the framework of modern forms of dance (contemporary dance).

For 5 years of its work, such projects as "Work and Move", "DK WinterWorkshop", "DK-more!", "Local Fest", "DK-more! KIDS " were successfully conducted.

Within the framework of these educational programs, participants from the best dance companies with a worldwide reputation shared their experience with the participants.
Buchok ART Family / BAF - Creative association working in the direction of contemporary dance.

BAF organizes educational and performative projects, conducts regular intensives, master classes, laboratories on contemporary dance. Among the projects: Ukrainian Contemporary Dance Week,

Contemporary dance intensive with BAF in different cities of Ukraine, organization of master classes of teachers from Russia, Ukraine and Europe.
Contact us in any convenient way. We will be glad to new ideas and answer your questions:
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